1. 文章内容与作者观点的常用语句
Physical and chemical properties of this crystal are reported.
The performance goals and its measuring methods are briefly described.
The chain reaction caused by the uranium nuclei is explained in the critical experiment.
The application of this technique to nuclear detection is described.
Research and development tools are induced immediately.
Basic ideas and data collected are given.
2. 文章研究课题的常用语句
The main experimental problems are analyzed with the ultra-low-frequency measurements.
Phenomena associated with the breakdown phase are regarded as the initial conditions.
Lumped parameter of the concrete-structure interaction is derived
Applications of the two-phase flow in the reactor are briefly discussed.
A particular system is investigated numerically.
Relationship between mass and energy in nature is briefly described.
The function continuity under a certain boundary is studied.
3. 文章涉及范围的语句
This paper consists of 4 parts: introduction, theory experimental method and conclusion.
The paper includes the configuration as well as the structural design and the results of parameter structural optimization analysis.
This paper covers the testing results of about 200 assemblies of fuel and control rods in the reactor core.
The cited reports cover the research on the lower atmospheric air pollution movements by using the tracer elements.
The research concerns the asphaltic products and their specifications.
Many elements are involved in this program such as Fe, Au, Ag, Cu and so on.
The topic covers the coal properties, boiler operation, dust collector operation and the sidestream system.
4. 综述于概括对某一个领域的研究课题常用语句
All the operating procedures are abstracted such as the general procedures(GP), abnormal operating procedures(AOP), emergency operating procedures(EOP).
The experimental technique is outlined for measuring these properties.
The development of CAD is reviewed in the mechanical engineering
The theory based on basic material science is summarized.
The design planning to be used is summarized in detail.
5. 文章重点的常用语句
Attention is concentrated on the quantum theory.
The point is to extend the lead time to 24h.
Focus is on energy reserving everywhere.
The research is concentrated on the collisions of neutrons and uranium nuclei.
Attention is being paid to the management of environmental effluent and disposal of hazardous wastes.
Much attention is paid on the economic current density in the conductor.
Particular attention is given to the start-up procedure of nuclear reactor operations.
The greatest emphasis is paid on the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy.
Attention is concentrated on the implications of attitudes to nuclear power.
6. 文章目的的常用语句
This research aims to carry out the experiment on the zero power reactor and obtain import critical parameters.
The answer to this question is sought for by many investigators.
The paper seeks to justify the remedial measures in terms of the final safety analysis report(FSAR).
The research is to provide healthy planners with useful information on systematic changes.
The purpose of this study is to show the methods mentioned above/aforesaid are promising.
The purpose of this study is to obtain the heavy concrete of much higher stability.

1) 正常工作压力值在夏季也能达到。
The normal operating pressure value can also be achieved in summer.
2) 绘制了用于热处理的溶解图。
A dissolution diagram is constructed to be used in heat treatment.
3) 基于量子理论,推导了这些特殊的方程式。
The special equations are derived based on the quantum theory.
4) 此系统要设计成能传输出从反应堆堆芯产生的热量。
The system is designed for transferring heat from the reactor core.
5) 开发了锅炉设计的两种方法。
Two kinds of boiler design methods are developed.
6) 在全范围模拟机上建立了一种仿真模型。
A simulation model is established in a full scope simulator.
7) 给出了临界计算所要求的,得自静态反应堆物理的四因子公式。
The four-factor formula obtained in the static reactor physics is given for critical calculation.
8) 蒸汽发生器设计已得到了很大地改进。
The steam generator design has been greatly improved.
9) 得到了与相应反应堆动力学很一致的结果。
The corresponding results have a good agreement with the reactor dynamics.
Highly enriched uranium can be produced in China.
An ideal source of radiation is provided for an optical communication system.
The switching time of this new transistor reduced three times.
2. 观察和指示的常用语句
1) 所研究的所有盐类,除氯化钠,都有很好的催化作用。
All salts studied except NaCl exhibit perfect catalytic activity.
2) 没有发现任何相位跃迁的证据。
No phase transition evidence is found.
3) 指出了这几种核反应的使用领域。
The application fields of these kinds of nuclear reaction are indicated.
4) 也指出了在肌肉力学研究方面的一种应用。
One kind of application to the study of muscles mechanics is indicated.
5) 观察了视黏度与颗粒耦合比Rn之间的关系。
The relationship between the apparent viscosity and particle coupling ration Rn is observed.
6) 指出了水铀比在反应堆物理设计中的重要性。
The importance of the ratio of water to uranium in reactor physical design is indicated.
7) 这些结果表明,使用此方法能使灵敏度和再现性有很大的改善。
The results indicate that this method can improve the sensitivity and reproductivity.
3. 运算和计量的常用语句
1) 应用双群理论计算了反应堆堆芯物理常数。
The physical parameters of the reactor core are calculated by method of the two-group theory.
2) 计算了单位时间的激活概率。
The activation probability per unit time is calculated.
3) 确定了获取最小叶片转数的条件。
The condition for obtaining the minimal number of impeller revolutions is determined.
4) 用这种技术测得的地球-月亮间距离准确度可达±15cm。
The earth-moon distance can be determined to an accuracy of ±15cm by this technique.
5) 仔细地估计了每种方法的误差。
The deviation in each method is carefully estimated.
6) 用递归扩展最小二乘法估算了模型参数。
The model parameters are estimated using a recursive extended least square method.
7) 测量了反应堆堆芯里的中子通量分布。
Neutron flux distributions in the reactor core are measured.
8) 测量了1000℃时的最小流化速度。
The minimum fluidizing velocities at 1000℃ are measured.
4. 应用与用途的常用语句
1) 将研究所得的技术应用于环境空气和汽车废气的分析。
The developed technique is applied to ambient air and automobile exhaust analysis.
2) 此系统被应用于一系列煤矿实际问题的分析。
The system is applied to the analysis of a series of practical coal mine problems.
3) 这些设施被用来为若干项目研制计算机硬件。
These facilities are used to develop computer hardware for some projects.
4) 这种方法被用来测量反应堆堆芯的中子通量分布。
The method is used to measure the neutron flux distribution in the reactor core.
1) 就机械刚度对应力幅度的影响而言,计算结果与实验结果一致。
The calculated results agree with experimental results in terms of stress amplitude impacted by machine stiffness.
2) 所计算的机动性与实验分析符合得很好。
The calculated mobilities agree well with the experimental analysis.
3) 严格地评审了对流层中的异性反应与过程的作用。
The role of heterogeneous reactions and procedure in the troposphere are assessed strictly.
4) 使用了6个基本程序对两种便携式微机进行了比较。
Two portable microcomputers are compared by using 6 basic programs.
5) 将这些数据与已发表的实验结果进行了比较。
These data are compared with republished results.
6) 对各种速率和能量参数进行了评估。
Various rate and energy parameters are evaluated.
7) 通过与实验结果比较,对所用的假设进行了评审。
The used assumptions are assessed by comparing with measurement results.
6. 实验与试验的常用语句
1) 在动物园实验室里做动物实验。
Animals are experimented on in the zoo laboratory.
2) 使用煤油进行了选择性的烧结实验,煤油的消耗量为固体燃料的14.8%。
The selective agglomeration experiments are processed on kerosene and kerosene is at 14.8% consumption with respect to solid.
3) 上升火箭,试验过几百次了。
The ascend rocket are experimented hundreds of times.
4) 通过与准确模态解的比较,对这5种解的准确性进行了试验。
The accuracy of 5 solutions is experimented by comparing with the exact model solution.
5) 试验是在一台包括这里所研讨的水平反应器的装置上进行的。
The experiment is carried on an investigated horizontal reactor.
6) 试验是设计用来确定反应堆冷冻剂泵的流速。
The test is designed to determine the flow rate of the reactor coolant pump.
7. 论证与依据的常用语句
1) 分析的方法是依据麦克斯韦方程式。
The analytic method is according to Maxwell equations.
2) 根据概率安全分析,这些补救措施能被采用。
These remedial can be adopted according to the probabilistic safety analysis (PSA).
3) 依据量子力学,研究了基本粒子间的相互作用。
The interactions among basic particles are studied according to the quantum mechanics.
4) 将反应堆容器与内部构件的简化图作为参考。
The diagram of the reactor vessel internals is used as a reference.
8. 推荐与建议的常用语句
1) 提出了计算反应堆有效增值系数Keff的一种方法。
One kind of method calculating the effective multiplication coefficient is provided.
2) 提出了一种模块化加工系统。
A modular tooling system is established.
3) 介绍了一个计算反应堆临界质量的公式,用来校验双群理论。
A formula calculating the critical mass in reactor is recommended for checking the two-group theory.
4) 提出了石油生成和迁移的另一种理论。
An alternative theory of generation and migration of petroleum is introduced.
5) 提出了一种方法来控制和评估高温区的腐蚀。
A method to control the corrosion of high temperature section is provided.
6) 就频谱分析的进一步研究提出了建议。
The suggestions on the further research of the frequency spectrum analysis are provided.
9. 结论的常用语句
1) 工程研究的根本目的是要达到最优设计。
The optimum design is the essential purpose of engineering studies.
2) 结果是以更为透明可见的方式取得的。
The results are achieved by more transparent way.
3) 结论是,加入成核剂和增稠剂能抑制过冷并消除分层。
The results indicate that the addition of a nucleating agent and a thickening agent can inhibit supercooling and eliminate segregation.
4) 以较低激活能量的一些数字结果作为论文结尾。
Some numerical results of lower activation energies are used as and ending of this paper.

1) 工程师在建立这一仿真模型时,开发一些工具是必要的。
The development of some instruments is necessary when the engineer established this simulation model.
2) 再三核对实验结果是重要的。
It is necessary to check the experimental results over and over.
3) 理论联系实际是重要的。
It is necessary to integrate theory with practice.
4) 需要立即维修该测量仪器。
The measuring instrumentation need to be maintained at once.
5) 仔细用理论值与实验结果进行比较时需要的。
The comparison in details between the theoretic value and experimental result is necessary.
6) 没有再校核实验结果的必要。
There is no need to check the experimental results.
7) 这条技术规范需要尽快解释。
The technical specification need to be explained as soon as possible.
8) 这台机器需要修理。
This machine needs to be repaired.
9) 对安全措施的需求日益增长,这一点可从自动化系统的日益增多得到证明。
The increasing demands for security measurement can be proved by the penetrations of automated systems.

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