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句型举例中, A代表作者, C代表特征,D代表领域或方向,E代表某个解释或定义, M代表方法,P代表问题, R代表原因,X代表现象、规律等,O代表其他。对应的小写字母则代表子类或细分,例如,d代表D中的细分方向。摘要举例取自于文献【1】。






  1. X is defined as E, and this problem is important for (or key issue in) D. X是指E,这个问题对于D非常重要(或是D中的关键问题)。

  2. Though much work has been done concerning P, the related questions about p are little addressed (or not considered, or not thoroughly considered). Understanding these questions is of primary importance (or significant ) in d. 尽管已经有了许多关于P的研究,但是与p相关的一些问题很少得到解决(或者没有考虑,或者没有彻底考虑)。理解这些问题在d中具有重要意义。

  3. Pisahotlystudiedtopicdue to the widespread recongnization of the importance of this problem in D. Unfortunaturely,the p of P is little addressed(or not considered) due to the lack of (or owing to or for reason of) R. 由于人们普遍认识到这个P在D中的重要性,因此P是一个热门的研究问题。不幸的是,由于缺乏(或由于)R,P中的p很少被提及(或没有被考虑)。

  4. p is an important component in P and plays a key role in d. p是P的重要组成部分,在d中起着关键作用。

  5. R is the leading cause of X frequently observed in p. R是在p中经常被观察到的X的主要原因。

  6. X is a well-known phenomenon characterized by C. X是一个以C为特征的众所周知的现象。

  7. The issue of p in P has received considerable attentions because of its importance in D. 由于p在D中的重要性,P中的p问题受到了广泛的关注。

  8. pis an increasingly important issue inD.在D中,p是一个越来越重要的问题。


The habitable zone (HZ) is commonly defined asthe range of distances from a host star within which liquid water,a key requirement for life, may exist on a planet’s surface. Substantially more CO2 than present in Earth’s modernatmosphere is required to maintain clement temperatures for most of the HZ, with several bars required at the outeredge. However, most complex aerobic life on Earth is limited by CO2 concentrations of just fractions of a bar. Atthe same time, most exoplanets in the traditional HZ reside in proximity to M dwarfs, which are more numerousthan Sun-like G dwarfs but are predicted to promote greater abundances of gases that can be toxic in theatmospheres of orbiting planets, such as carbon monoxide (CO).

可居住区(HZ)通常被定义为作为生命的一个关键要素的液态水可以存在于行星表面的离宿主恒星的距离范围。对于大多数可居住区,为了维持温和的温度,要求二氧化碳比地球现代大气中的二氧化碳多得多, 且在外边缘有几个巴的气压。然而,地球上最复杂的有氧生命受几分之一巴二氧化碳浓度的限制。与此同时,位于传统宜居带的大多数系外行星都位于M矮星附近,这种矮星比类太阳的G矮星数量更多,但据预测这会使在轨行星大气中更富有一氧化碳等有毒气体。




  1. Here we show (or demonstrtae)that X.这里,我们证明,...

  2. This study aims to elucidate R of X observed in p.本研究旨在阐明p中观察到X的原因

  3. The main objective/goal/purpose of the paper/article is to introduce a M (or elucidate R or explain the cause of X). 本文主要目的是引入...。

  4. Here (or in this paper) we study (or address or consider) p (or X or M).这里,我们研究p。

  5. p (or X or M)is considered in this paper. 本文考虑p。

  6. This paper is concerned withp(orX or M). 本文是关于p的研究。

  7. The paper/articlediscusses (or deals with, analyses, considers, explains, describes, establishes a method for, aims on, offer a solution to)p(orX or M). 本文讨论(处理、分析、考虑、解释、描述、建立)一个用于解决....的方法。

  8. This paper develops M (presents M, provides M, studies X, contains R, concentrates on R) 。本文发展...。

  9. This paper gives (or aims to give ) a comprehensive account of R.本文全面考虑R。

  10. This paper presents a novel M for R that exists in p of P. 本文提出一种用于阐明在...存在的现象的新方法。


Here we show that the HZ for complex aerobiclife is likely limited relative to that for microbial life.






  1. We use the method M for p and this method has the properties of C. 我们使用方法M解决p,该方法具有C的性质。

  2. Mis used in this paper. 本文使用...。

  3. Systematic M (experiments or numerical simulation or case studies or surveys or theoretical analyses ) are performed with本文系统地使用M研究了...

  4. To solve p (or to reveal X) , a method based on m is proposed here and this method is capable of .... 为了求解p(或揭示X),本文提出了一种基于m的方法,该方法能够...。

  5. We build M for X and this method is updated from the method of A through introducing m to increase the accurary (or robustness or parameter range). 我们为X构建M,该方法通过在方法A中引入M来增加精度(或鲁棒性或参数范围)而建立。


We use a 1D radiative-convective climate and photochemicalmodels to circumscribe a Habitable Zone for Complex Life (HZCL) based on known toxicity limits for a range oforganisms as a proof of concept..






  1. We find that for...我们发现...

  2. One of the important results is that x1, another one is that x2. 重要结果之一是...,之二是...。

  3. The resultsare X. 结果为...

  4. We obtain the results of or that X 我们得到的结果为, ...

  5. It is demonstrated that R is the reason of x. R被证明为是x的原因。

  6. According to this study, X. 根据本文研究,...

  7. Interestingly (orSurprisingly), R was shown (found) to have important impact on p. 有趣的是(令人惊讶的是),R被证明对p有重要影响。

  8. The most striking observation from the data was. 从数据中得到的最重要观察结果是...。

  9. The most striking finding of this study was 最重要的发现是...。

  10. The x1 and x2 are here found to be dependent on这里, 我们发现,x1和x2依赖于....。


We find that for CO2 tolerances of 0.01, 0.1, and 1 bar, the HZCL is only 21%,32%, and 50% as wide as the conventional HZ for a Sun-like star, and that CO concentrations may limit somecomplex life throughout the entire HZ of the coolest M dwarfs.






  1. These results cast new light on (or have important ramifications for ) p.这些结果为...提供了新的线索。

  2. The present study bridges the gap between p1 and p2. 本研究弥补了p1和p2之间的差距。

  3. The present study establishes a link between x1 and x2. 本研究建立了x1和x2之间的联系。

  4. This study closes up a long debate about R.这项研究结束了关于R的长久争议。

  5. The conclusion of this study is that 本研究的结论是。

  6. The result obtained by this study can be used to (or applied to)本研究获得的结果可用于(或应用于)...。

  7. This study opens up a new field (or issue) in P. 这项研究在P中开辟了一个新领域(或问题)。

  8. Thisstudy not onlysolves thechallenging problem of P but alsooffersamethod that can beused tosolve other problems such asp1 and p2.本研究不仅解决了具有挑战性的P问题,还提供了一种方法,可用于解决其他问题,如p1和p2。


These results cast new light on the likelydistribution of complex life in the universe and have important ramifications for the search for exoplanetbiosignatures and technosignatures..



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