Attachment insecurities and body image self-consciousness among women:The mediating role of pornography use

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The present study examined the mediating role of pornography use between attachment insecurities and body image self-consciousness in a large sample of women. We hypothesized that pornography use would mediate the relationship between insecure attachment orientations and body image self-consciousness. We recruited a convenient sample of 1001 Israeli women who completed measures assessing attachment orientation, body selfconsciousness, and pornography use frequency. We employed structural equation modeling with maximum likelihood estimation method to examine the direct pathways between attachment and body image selfconsciousness, as well as the indirect, or mediational, pathways through pornography use. Results found a direct effect of anxious and avoidant attachment on body image self-consciousness in women regardless of their relationship status. However, we only found a mediating role of pornography use between anxious attachment and body-image self-consciousness in women currently in a romantic relationship. In conclusion, our results suggest women may be more susceptible to the influence of pornography use on their body image selfconsciousness when they are anxiously attached to a romantic partner. Implications for clinical practice and future directions are discussed.



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